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Michelle Boxall

Supporting women to flourish

Hello, I'm Michelle

The Curious Coach

I was born and raised in the North of England, and I’ve lived and worked all over the UK. I’ve now found my forever home by the breathtaking coastline of Pembrokeshire.

My successful, 30 -year career in corporate business was built on supporting individuals and teams to be the best possible versions of themselves, both personally and in their work.

Curious Coach

My roles have always been in leadership at FTSE 50 organisations in hotels, restaurants and retail. My experience ranges across operations and finance, so I know how to thrive in the culture of any business setting. I’ve made - and learned from - mistakes along the way. I turned down a job which could have been career-defining and would have made a huge difference to my work-life balance, because I thought I wasn’t good enough and people like me don’t get jobs like that. The result was that I continued to work hard in a long-hours culture, whilst juggling raising a family and trying to find a bit of time for myself. I often found myself flat out, and pleasing no one.


I had to re-evaluate all aspects of my life to understand myself, and what I wanted from my career and from my personal life. I switched to a role in a completely new business area, which gave me time to properly support my and my family’s wellbeing. People thought I was bonkers to take the risk, but doing so exposed me to a whole new level of leadership and afforded me audiences with the most influential leaders in the organisation. I went on from there not only to earn far more than I had before but, more importantly, to influence key decision-making. Sometimes a small step back is the run up to the giant leap.

I’ve been privileged to lead and work alongside so many people with such stories to tell, and it’s an honour to have played a part in their development, coached and mentored them, and watched them blossom. If there was one thing that got me out of bed in the morning - one thing that lit me up - this was it.

Over the last 2 years I’ve turned my attention to creating a career where I can do what lights me up every day, where I am truly my authentic self, and living a life that embodies my own personal development journey.

Since moving to Pembrokeshire, I’ve embraced a quieter pace of life (with the exception of the odd festival). I drink too much coffee and perhaps eat too much cake (is that even possible?).  I love to read and try to always have two books on the go - one for my mind and one for my soul. I enjoy music from many genres and I’m no stranger to busting a few moves on the dancefloor. Walking and being in nature is a passion and you’ll often find me exploring the coastline around my home and when I’m not doing that, you’ll probably find me on my yoga mat.

And so, that’s me and what brings me here, the desire to bring what I have to offer to the table to support women to flourish.…
" Unless I am myself I am nobody. "

Virginia Woolf

My credentials

Ready to help you be the best possible version of yourself

In addition to my extensive business and life experience, I hold an Undergraduate Certificate in Coaching from the University of Cambridge. I am a member of The Association for Coaching and I am bound by the AC Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors. I hold a Diploma in Mindfulness and I am a certified Mental Health First Aider.

I believe learning should be life long and am currently studying for a BSc (Honours) in Psychology with the Open University.

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