Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching

Are you ready to commit to making a positive change in your life?

How can coaching help you?

Picture it like this....

You’re making your way down life’s path, rucksack on your back. In it, you may have your relationships, habits, drive, career skills, lots of great life tools you’ve gathered along the way.

As you’re strolling on down life’s highway you come to a wall, it’s quite high, you have a lot in your bag to help you, so you set about climbing the wall. So, this wall you’re facing could be your current job, a new job, a relationship, your relationship with yourself, all sorts of things. You’re using the tools from your rucksack but for some reason, they’re not working, you can’t get over the wall. You feel stuck.

There are many reasons why this wall is proving tricky. It may have brought along with it a fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of leaving your comfort zone, parental expectations: any number of self-limiting beliefs.

This is where I step in to support you to remove the obstacles, get over the wall, and on your way on your chosen path with even more tools in your rucksack to help you deal with any walls you encounter in the future.

Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching the curious coach

So, if you’re ready to commit to making a positive change in your life, confidence and wellbeing coaching with me could be exactly what you need.

Why not book a no strings, complimentary discovery call to find out?
"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

Coco Chanel

Is coaching right for you?

How I work with you....

Work with Michelle Boxall The Curious Coach

In my role as your coach, it’s my job to help you identify and then effect any changes you want to make. That sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? It does, until we consider that as humans, we are naturally negatively biased, our brains actively work to protect us from harm and change could indeed seem an unappealing prospect. Add to this the nagging voice of our inner critic and a few long-held beliefs we have about ourselves, and we have a challenge on our hands.

As a confidence and wellbeing coach, I focus my coaching on you, the perfectly whole and capable person that you are. We’ll work collaboratively as a team. We’ll begin with your personal values and then we’ll focus on strengths and building confidence and resilience.

As your coach, I’ll do the listening whilst you do the talking. The work we’ll do together will consist of quality conversations, incisive questions, telling stories, exercises, and reflections. There will be work to be done in readiness for each session and recommended reading should you choose to consolidate your learning: making change requires commitment.

Consider me your thinking partner: one who will support and challenge you as you silence your inner critic, let go of self–limiting beliefs, and forge your future path.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

Carl Jung

Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching

I offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. This gives us the opportunity to speak together about what it is you’d like to work on, and for me to explain what I do and how I am able to help. If we’re both happy to work together we can go ahead and book your first session.

I understand the need to fit your personal development around your other commitments and am able to be flexible with regards to my availability.

Sessions can take place online via Zoom or face to face at my home office in Pembrokeshire. Face to face sessions are available at other locations and if geographically viable for the both of us will be priced accordingly.


This option is great if you have a very specific developmental or wellbeing need, and we think one session will be all that’s required. You can then book more if you wish to.


This package is great if you have a big, long-term goal and will need time to explore it more fully. Pre-booking and payment for 6 sessions or more include the additional benefits of a small gift to use on your journey and unlimited Kaizala or email support in between sessions.


Outdoor Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching

This is a great way to experience your coaching session in the breathtakingly beautiful settings Pembrokeshire has to offer. A change of environment can help you to understand yourself more fully and become more attuned to your needs, enabling you to explore new outlooks. The session will consist of a gentle stroll whilst we talk, and light refreshments will be provided to enjoy by the sea whilst we reflect on the session we’ve had.

Available locations are:

Wiseman’s Bridge
Tenby North Beach
Whitesands Bay
Outdoor Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching

One off sessions or packages can be pre- paid as a gift and will include a personalised welcome card for the recipient.

corporate packages

Corporate Packages

Corporate coaching packages to support the development and wellbeing of both individuals and teams are available. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and budget.

What my clients say..

I began working with Michelle at a time when I was very unhappy with my primary employment. I knew I needed to change something, but I always found more reasons to why I was not good enough for that next step, rather than how much value I could add.

Michelle`s sessions were always inspiring, relieving and insightful. After a few months of coaching, my attitude about myself, my career and my personal development has shifted 180 degrees. I now have a completely different view towards myself, the courage to embrace change and to move forward by making decisions that benefit me, not only everyone else. I was never judged, there were no right or wrong answers. Moreover, with every coaching session I recognised how I can deal with situations using my own knowledge, experience and self-awareness. As a result, I have recently started my new job and I am ready to continuously improve and build my career. Michelle has been a vital resource to me and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

Vitalija Agarwal

City Lead Community Manager

I was at a career crossroads and had a huge decision to make. Was following my dream of owning my own business the right thing to do? Michelle supported me to clear my thinking, look ahead to how I wanted my future to be and make a decision. She has been alongside me on the journey and acted as an accountability partner as I left the comfort and security of a secure, well- paid role and started my own business. I’m a few weeks in and could not be happier. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who feels stuck and needs help to make a change in their life.

Siri Rouse

Business Owner

Book a call at a time to suit your schedule

I offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. This gives us the opportunity to speak together about what it is you’d like to work on, and for me to explain what I do and how I am able to help. If we’re both happy to work together we can go ahead and book your first session.

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